the right productWhen you start an online business, the first and most obvious question to ask is ... What am I going to sell? The points to consider when deciding to answer this question are:

• Is it light and easy to ship?

• Is it a good digital product to download (e-book or software)?

• Is it perishable or fragile?

• Must it be visible with images (design fabrics, graphics examples, etc.)?

• Is there enough demand to make your business profitable?

• Does it have little competition compared to the large companies present online (niche products)?

The last two features are those that can be difficult to define. Here is a generally followed approach to get an idea of ​​how much the relationship between demand and competition for a given product.

If you have a particular interest in some of the products that meet the criteria above, it is not profitable to limit the survey only to those items that may be most appreciated. If you are looking for a niche product that has a relatively good demand (enough to make it profitable), it should not even have too heavy competition.

A good way to see what products are most required is to look through the search engines to see how often people look for a particular product to consider.

The result of this research should be such that one or more products fit into a niche market - products with a certain demand and relatively low supply. To get the best results, we will focus on a niche product category and perhaps have a wide choice.

In this way, you can get to become the best online resource for that particular category. For example, instead of offering general handicraft supplies, offer the widest possible choice of industry kits. This strategy will also increase rank in search engines, as it will allow you to optimize pages more specifically and keywords.

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