Some way to create an e-mail listEvery online or offline business needs a promotion. The kind of activity we want to get started is through the strategy of marketing techniques.

A good way to reach your potential customers with messages is by using newsletters, ads and promotions. But we must be totally honest and keep our integrity without sending any promotions unless we have the consent of our prospects. The first source of information to use is the email list collected in our contact management software. Time will tell us whether the prospects will be interesting or not, and you will usually get a warning about it.

Email Lists Suppliers

Renting email addresses lists from people who gave their permission is a targeted solution for single use or multiple use. The vendor will create the mailing list and keep the addresses in a database after the recipients have subscribed, through an action, leaving the email address. The prices for these lists vary a lot (they usually start from $ 10 by email) and are likely to be minimum $ 500 packages.

This method can go well in the spam category for specific associations and groups that prohibit large-volume message submissions to the community from the same members. Some associations take the expulsion for this type of business, but others are more permissive. It is imperative to inquire first about what is allowed!

Development of the newsletter

Add a promotion to the newsletter by entering the link in the email signature. In addition to promoting our website, this is a good way to convince people you know about signing up for our newsletter if you are not familiar with adding them to the list automatically.

Often, you can set up an exchange list with other businesses for a single or multiple use. To do this, it would be ethical to make sure you have the list subscribers permission to not violate their privacy. Many people publish their e-mail addresses on the web and many individuals nudge their addresses this way, either manually or using a software to do it automatically. This method is definitely considered in the category of spam and its use is not recommended.

Give value

Promote the value of your newsletter or mailing list on your website and use special features to encourage enrollment: pop-ups, website enrollment forms, article subscriptions, RSS feeds, and so on.

Using a gift for those who leave their email address in return is one of the most adopted and profitable formulas. To give value is the solution that pays most, not only in the content of articles posted on the site or blog, but also through an e-book, a report, a software in exchange for user's data.

There are also simple affiliate programs that allow you to buy addresses from site visitors. The average cost is $ 0,25 for each email address. Well, my syndicated opinion, even this system is part of a spam method, but it can still work on it. However, it is a fact that many affiliate companies have taken advantage of the acquired addresses to sell them and sell them several times, so pay attention to this unethical system.

Disclosure of the newsletter

It would be interesting and also very productive to create the opportunity for our subscribers to send the newsletters they receive systematically in their inbox to other people. If the content is of high value, this method "viral" can multiply subscribers in a very effective and exponential way.

The great value contained in it can encourage other readers to leave their data to subscribe to our newsletter and have information regarding the topics of interest and the opportunity to include their signature associated with anything that can bring them an advantage. This is certainly a strategy that can gratify both our brand and help the members themselves create their own newsletter; imaginable results are enormous.

There are a number of sites that promote several newsletters on more topics from which to get good content for our mailing list campaign. It is also possible to participate through other newsletter publishers who have common reference markets and create their own newsletters assembled with the links that relate to their membership sites. Implicit Approval is "almost" the most powerful way to increase return on investment within email advertising lists.

Presenting a great value to our market niche through the newsletter is an "must" important to building a list. This kind of communication has the power to travel fast on the web; the pre-announcement and description of a product, the solutions and the benefits that make up for it, create attraction and preciousness producing media interest.

An important content creates appreciation, repays alone and doubles its value!

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