Publish your BookUntil some time ago, the dream of publishing his book was something that came close to a chimera. Long awaited, unimpeachable initial investments and, above all, very few gains ... Today, with the new era of the Internet, things have changed rapidly.

La Bruno Editore has launched the Clubs Italian Authors ™, through which everyone can publish their eBook manual at no cost. Finally, anyone can become an affirmed author in Italy without waiting for long editorial traffic.

The advantages offered by Italian Author Clubs there are many: those who join will see their book published in the prestigious eBook catalog, which to date, with over 500.000 visitors per month, is among the first 100 sites in Italy. This means high visibility and authority, thanks also to the ability to see published articles on the company's blog.

The economic gain for the author is also high: the rights are 30% on all sales and 60% on those earned by the author himself. So up to 6 times higher than the traditional copyrights offered by other publishers.

As if that was not enough, sales will not only come online and only in electronic form. In fact, each eBook will have an ISBN code to make it visible in the worldwide catalog of books on the market. This will make these texts available to all bookstores, also bringing the brand off-line. EBook deliveries will come on a special USB key called USB-BOOK!

Do you know this company? Are you well with their products or have you already published with them? Tell your experience here on the blog!

If you have an idea to make a handy manual, remember to propose it on the Publisher site in the "Post your eBooks". If, however, you have no idea what a topic to be productive, remember to read the manual on finding the right niche market.

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