Build Your Business With Only 15 Minutes a DayI think we all do not realize what we can do in one day and the number of projects we can spend at a given time. For example, writing a book in a week would be great, until you realize that you have a million other moving projects at the same time! The reversal of the medal is that some projects weigh you so much that you can never get started. Continue to postpone and postpone, always turning around.

One way is to make progress even when you do not have much time to spend on a project: just dedicating 15 minutes per day to bring you closer and closer to your goals.

This is a great system to manage time and see real progress every day without overwhelming the overwhelming and priority commitments. You will also think it will take a lot of time to complete that particular project alone 15 minutes a day, but if that were not the case, it would remain a project never started! Those 15 minutes are a way to motivate yourself, to keep you working constantly and to help build the momentum to see something that brings you to the end.

How do you make sure that those 15 minutes are productive?

The best way to be sure of getting the absolute maximum in those 15 minutes is to know what you are doing. If you are writing a book or report, be sure to write a contour so that you can dig into any section whenever you have time. Otherwise, you could spend 15 minutes by dividing the project into smaller and more workable pieces. You can not believe it, but have faith, this really works to make things easier, so do not give up!

This little educational rule also contributes to a routine: if you have 15 minutes in the morning, set it up for your new projects. Or, if you are the type of person who is always on the move, bring a notebook / smartphone / eReader / etc. so you can work on the project every time you have the chance: at the post office, waiting for a friend, sitting in a taxi, and so on.

It also contributes to involving someone you meet by making it a participant. A partner or friend can help you with ideas that can stimulate topics, or you could even post daily updates on a blog and convince others to join in order to find the one that works best for you!

Does it really work?

When are you feeling happier and more satisfied? when did you decide to do something and are you trying to get the motivation to actually start, or when do you stop thinking and start producing? Even if you're not doing much, you know you're still doing something. This should be enough to stop postponing and feel proud of having taken the lead in your goals.

Remember, every single person can find 15 minutes of space per day. There are no more excuses!

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