How to do market research and find a profitable nicheInspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners are often misled or misled about how to properly conduct market research per discover a profitable niche.

For almost everyone, the path taken is to use a tool of keyword or a database to begin the search.

I can say with first hand experience that keyword databases are certainly not the first place to look at and should not even be considered. Here because.

The key keyword databases that are currently available to the public only respond to research based on a limited amount of data representing the 1% - 2% of the actual searches that people do around the world. They can only predict the vast majority of searches that are being made on the five major search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo, Bing, and that hold 97% -98% of keyword data.

What follows is that the search keyword shows just what people are using in search engines to look for answers (key phrases), not what people really buy on the internet. For example, if a group of people search through specific brand names or terms, it does not mean they are buying. This is a fundamental distinction that many business owners and holders tend to overlook.

When looking for a profitable niche market, the primary goal should be based on the search for evidence of a group of hungry and rabid buyers who are willing to spend money for a service or product (information, physical or digital). Without this crucial qualifier, you can have the world's largest product, but can be cut off from an adequate market.

This article presents a number of great sources of analysis that provide a valid method for discovering a truly viable, existing market and applying all the resources in one's own website.

Once established and identified a market that contains the signs of a proper commercial ferment, that is the right place to move and just so you have a worthwhile reason to deepen a keyword search service and find out what key phrases the People use to find the market chosen for the purpose.

Let's start looking at how to identify a lucrative market.


One of the best ways to find the signs of a truly profitable market is through industry magazines. If a publisher has enough money to print and circulate a rich color magazine, there will be advertisers who are likely to support the funding of the magazine to circulate all copies, and thus means that there is a special trade for the advertised products.

Now, this may be wondering if there is too much competition in a magazine with so many advertisers intending to sell. In fact, having so much competition is a great sign; means there is a sufficient amount of customers who buy and a large portion of cake to be present in that market. If, however, there is little competition, it may be that, (1), there is no adequate product in that space; or (2) do not have a relevant market to begin with. The larger the competition, the greater the number of revenue you will be able to grasp.

If you do not want to go to the newsstand, you can visit the site and find a considerable number of different categories to find a lucrative topic or industry in which to start an online niche course. What you need to focus on will be the number of subscribers to each magazine and how long the magazine is printing for stability purposes .

It's important to make a list of magazines that you want to examine and then go hunting in one of those great newsstands covering almost every magazine on each subject.

In order to have a better look at what people are buying in the online world, you need to decide, ultimately, whether you want to represent physical or digital products.

Physical products

Online there are two huge markets that are massively busy, move a lot of products and are ideal places to find what people are really buying.

Let's start with the first big marketplace ...


On eBay you can browse through a list of the most popular products that people are buying through auctions or eBay stores.

Another big market is Amazon and it's not just limited to books. You can find virtually any product and brand name, which becomes an increase engine. Even on this site, you should look at the most popular products of those categories that capture the attention.

Digital products

If you want to sell digital products that do not require inventory and usually lead to high profit margins for affiliates, it is good advice to control the digital market ClickBank ranking product sales from the highest to lowest in each category.

Just browse the categories on and you will find the most important proposals of digital products, information, software and subscription services that are on the best lists.

Once you have the right market research, you can do one of the following:

• Create an online store based on physical and commodity products (requires inventory)

• Selling through eBay auctions or in their online stores (requires inventory)

• Create a site that represents suppliers like affiliate (no inventory required)

After using at least two of the four opportunities above, you can be sure that you have done a good market research to find the "positive test" of what people are buying and thus a profitable niche market.

You can then quickly create an uncomplicated site with a simple product offering for some low-cost keywords to use in a Google Adwords campaign with a minimum 50 Euro spending to test the market and see the result.

If the test leads to revenue, which means it has yielded a profit, it will be possible to invest more energy, lead a wider keyword search and spend on advertising. If the results are not profitable, test another market until it reaches the predetermined goal.

I think this article contains enough information to teach you to develop a search for a profitable market with unlimited profits.

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